Tips for Removing Skin Tags at Home

Written on:July 21, 2012
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Tips for Removing Skin Tags at Home

Unlike what you may have heard, skin tag removal at home is not that complicated. There are different skin tag removal techniques which you can safely use at home. However, before looking at how to remove skin tags, let’s first of all look at what causes this type of skin condition.

What Causes Skin Tags?

This is a skin condition that is triggered when there is friction between the skin and an object (e.g. garments). Clothes such as denim jeans, overalls, bras, under garments and khaki trousers amongst others have been known to cause skin tags because of the constant fiction between the skin and the garment. Certain types of jewelries can also cause skin tags.

Skin tag removal at home techniques will save you from the embarrassment that you feel every time that you take your shirt off in public. Moreover, these home remedies for skin tags will enable you to get instant relief from the pain that you feel when the skin tags are touched.

Illustrated below, are the different types of methods that you can use to get rid of skin tags at home.

#1: Blocking Blood Supply

Skin tags can be eradicated by blocking the supply of blood at the bottom of the affected area. Likelihoods are that the condition is located in a place that is hard to reach. You’ll require a helping hand when using this technique to get rid of skin tags. The following are the procedures for this skin tag removal at home method:

-        Get a piece of a stout embroidery thread.

-        Tie the base of the affected area using the stitching thread by creating a look.

-        Make sure that the knot is well-fitting.

-        Leave the knot for 1 – 2 days.

This technique will block the supply of blood to the affected area, thereby allowing the skin tag to fall off.

#2: Vitamin E

If the method above is slightly uncomfortable, then you can opt for vitamin E treatment. If you do not have vitamin E oil in your home, you can purchase it from a local pharmaceutical store or convenient store. Vitamin E skin tag removal at home method entails applying the oil on the affected areas of the skin. Do not forget to apply the oil on neighboring skins. Thereafter, cover the affected areas with a piece of linen (i.e. band aid ribbon). This will ensure that the flow of blood to the affected areas are cut off, thus allowing the skin tags to fall off after 1 – 2 days.

Other skin tag removal at home techniques that you can use includes the use of household duct tape and application of compound w.

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