Skin Tag Mole Removal Cream

Have you Heard of this Skin Tag Removal and Mole Removal Cream?
How to get rid of skin tags and skin moles with DermaTend

Why I started looking for DermaTend

I started looking for a skin tag removal and mole removal cream because I’m terrified of surgery. My family is notorious for our freckles. They may look cute on Howdy Doody and sprinkling the noses of round-faced kids, but they’re not so attractive on adults. I got the bad luck of skin moles and skin tags to go with my freckles. I started looking into how to get rid of skin tags and skin moles in the most natural way. That led me to DermaTend, which is a skin tag removal and mole removal cream.

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The freckles I can live with. The skin moles? They’re just plain unsightly. They’re darker and bigger, and some of them stick out. I have two on my cheek, and I don’t care what they say about how a mole looks so sexy on a woman’s face—it’s not true, at least not for me. Kudos to Cindy Crawford, but it doesn’t work for most of us. My skin moles stick out and looks fuzzy and I see people looking away, avoiding looking at me straight on rather than accidentally fixating on my mole.

And to top it off I got stuck with skin tags. I looked into how to get rid of skin tags, tempted to just grab the toenail clippers and get it over with. But it looked like I’d be wasting my time while putting myself through hell. From what I read, they’ll grow right back if you just cut off the surface area. The trick to skin tag removal and mole removal is a creamDermaTend–that gets down into the tissue under the skin. It all has to go or you’ll just have the skin moles and skin tags grow back.

How DermaTend works

The one thing I didn’t want is surgery. I’ll admit it: I’m scared to death of surgery and the idea of scalpels carving me up. I wanted to deal with my skin tag removal and mole removal with cream instead of scalpels. But would it work? Could I avoid a visit to the doctor?

Yes and no. You never want to mess with skin moles without finding out if they’re benign (not cancerous). I visited my doctor to make sure my skin moles weren’t cancerous. I asked her how to get rid of skin tags and skin moles without surgery. She said it’s difficult, but suggested I try a natural plant-based treatment that uses blood root to destroy unwanted skin tissues. It’s available as a wart and skin tag removal and mole removal cream called DermaTend.

The main ingredient in DermaTend is blood root. Blood root comes from a plant—it’s completely natural but it’s harsh. It burns through skin tissues to their base to bring about complete skin tag removal and mole removal. The cream must be applied carefully only to the areas you want removed because it will destroy any surrounding tissue it comes in contact with.

How to get rid of skin tags and skin moles without surgery.

I dabbed DermaTend directly on the spots I wanted skin tag removal and mole removal. The cream actually caused a burning sensation at the spot, but within a day the skin moles and skin tags had dissolved! It wasn’t painless, and in fact it left wounds that I had to cover with bandaids. The spots scabbed over and I was really worried that I’d have scars, which isn’t much of an improvement over skin moles and skin tags!

I faithfully used the healing balm that I got along with my DermaTend tubes. It felt like it was taking forever for the spots to heal, but they did, and I didn’t get left with the scars I was dreading. Honestly, it was a sacrifice—I spent a few weeks trying to heal while walking around covered in bandaids like an idiot out of a horror show. But the skin tag removal and mole removal cream really did its job. In the long run DermaTend turned out to be worth it.

Is DermaTend Safe for Everybody?

That depends. Blood root is strong stuff and has to be handled carefully. It should never be left out in the reach of children, but it’s okay to use on children with adult supervision and application. I wouldn’t use it anywhere near my eyes or mouth or any other vulnerable areas, and you certainly don’t want to smear it around. But if you’re wondering how to get rid of skin tags and skin moles, in my opinion it’s a lot safer than going under the scalpel.

How Pricey is DermaTend?

Well, it’s cheaper than surgery, I can attest to that. You can go as low as $40 for the basic skin tag removal and mole removal cream. That’s a single tube that will remove a handful of warts, skin moles, or skin tags. I bought the Ultra, though, because it came with a free jar of the healing balm, and I bought the double tubes because I had a lot to remove, and the 2nd tube was about half the price. The beauty of DermaTend is that they offer a full money back guarantee if you’re not happy. You can use the entire tube and if it doesn’t solve the problem of how to get rid of skin tags, skin moles, or warts they’ll give you all your money back. How can you lose?

A year later…

A year has gone by since I stuck my neck out (literally—I had 4 skin tags and 2 moles on my neck alone!) and tried the skin tag removal and mole removal creamDermaTend. If I look very carefully I can find the scars, but nobody else seems to notice them at all. That wasn’t true before. It was like people’s eyes were drawn to my skin tags and skin moles. Instead of seeing ME they saw only my hideous skin tags and skin moles!

Now, I feel beautiful. I feel a sort of confidence I didn’t know existed. I feel that sense of freedom that comes with being able to look people in their eyes, make first contact, and even flirt, without worrying about my appearance. And to think my whole outlook and personality could be changed by something as simple as a skin tag removal and mole removal cream called DermaTend!

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  1. Rosy says:

    YES Dermatend works. no doubt for low cost this is the best solution for mole or skin tag removal. but be prepare for little pain. its not pain free.

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